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arielle dhauterives

Arielle d’Hauterives Gallery in Brussels.

LA CHAPELLE, France — Brussels is definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe as I find it almost surreal and at the same time very practical. I can walk in the business district and find Magritte’s apples – which are not apples- and contemplate the reflections of golden angels on tinted glass not to mention the fantastic rabbits painted in Arielle d’Hauterives’ Gallery providing a breath of spring in a pretty grey world. Arielle’s eponymous gallery is 3 years old and is devoted to emerging female artists; note: the artists’ works are not necessarily feminine.

Raised in a family of artists, Arielle first trained as a stylist, and has succeeded in creating this lively place in the heart of Brussels. Exhibitions, conferences and concerts from international artists are featured throughout the year at this women centric gallery. As Arielle comments:

I came to understand the low esteem of female artists who are often victims. The lack of visibility of creative women in important art events depreciates their odds on the market and their recognition in the artistic world. A new generation wants to take its destiny into its own hands and this is what I support as there is still a ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents them from reaching a true international level.

So let’s take this conversation a bit further and better understand the work and ethos of Arielle d’Hauterives’ Gallery.

Arielle dhauterives

Arielle d’Hauterives

Do you think a lack of high calibre female artists is due to a lack of ambition or a cultural straitjacket? Or maybe both?

In artistic couples, the woman is often abandoned. Compared to the US, in Europe, I see very few women leaders, in other countries it is a real tragedy, they cannot make a living from their art, that is so difficult. The job assumes communication… and a lot of working, to find potential customers.

Turning the focus to your gallery, how do you choose the artists and the works you have on display?

In a world where you have to crush others to succeed, women approach things differently, less commercially, and maybe more intimate.

arielle dhauterives

Arielle d’Hauterives Gallery: Ruta Jusionyte – With the rabbit in the boat -terracotta.

Arielle chooses strong personalities and emerging talents. Her eclectic taste and sensitivity prefer original artistic approaches. She has created a forum for individual art work that is more “feminine”. Heiress to a family of artists, she is attracted by the pictorial elements of the 40s and 50s’ style and she is also moved by sculptures by Joan Miro, raw art and photography.

What do you consider to be the most rewarding part of your job?

Building relationships with artists make me happy. They bring me the flow of life, I encounter all ages, from people in their early 20s to people that are over 85 years old. I believe that artists are more sensitive to the world evolution.

What challenges have you encountered in this business?

It is a constant challenge to be independent, effective and commercial as well as to be able to reinvent yourself. The economic question is central, I avoid undergoing financial pressure that may impose itself on my choices. In Europe, the U.S. tax system is different, less dynamic market, smaller budgets, often institutionalised.

Arielle began with a responsible press: “With financial compromise, it is a business guided by the profit, it is difficult to innovate and you will not take any risks. I long to take the plunge…”

How did you break into this industry?

With capital! A gallery is primarily a trade that requires good visibility. It must find its place with a strong identity and persist through many challenges. Relationships are essential, unless you have worked in a large gallery, and escaped with its address book!

In the heart of the kaleidoscope, Brussels is one of the cultural main squares, eclectic and modern, where women artists presented by Arielle are as timeless Vestals or muses… but with ranger shoes! The lightness is still room, you have to see it! If you would like to visit Arielle d’Hauterives’ Gallery check out the exhibitions planned for June:

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