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Acupuncture Master

Elements Holistic Health Centre, Norwich

NORWICH, United Kingdom — Me-time, a luxury, a spare moment, quiet time, indulgence in its purest form. Read a book, relax, book yourself in for a therapy or a beauty treatment. Which part of us requires me-time? Is it the mind? The body? Or both? A book can transport you to another place; a beauty treatment can make you look good to the naked eye, but how can one cram me-time in which will tick all these boxes in one go? The answer is Acupuncture.

Join me as I speak to an Acupuncture Master, Naji Malak and learn more of the insights and benefits of this technique. Who, why and for what reason would anyone want to have needles stuck into their whole body in the name of me-time?

I remember when I was a little girl and acupuncture had just come onto the scene as the new trend in treatments here in the Western world. Has this phase not already passed? Are there any true benefits to having needles stuck into your flesh? In the name of me-time why on earth would you? Or is it a case of why on earth not? Let’s find out.

Acupuncture Master

Elements Holistic Health Centre, Norwich

The Qualities of An Acupuncture Master

Not withstanding, caring plays a very important part in becoming an acupuncturist in anyway shape or form. The inquisitive nature to be interested in people, knowing people and understanding what makes them tick is an extremely important part of becoming an acupuncturist. The ultimate key to healing is the rapport that must be created with the client. To feel the energy, watch the client’s energy. As a practitioner it is important to adjust yourself and blend your own energy with that of the client; rather than expecting the client to behave in a manner you wish. Another very important criteria is to connect with the client; in order for the client to open-up and be receptive to the therapy. As Naji states:

A person needs a true passion and desire to help people.

Naji definitely is this man; having first set-up the London College of Traditional Acupuncture in 1991, he then went on in 1998 to set-up the Elements Holistic Health Centre in Norwich, where he is now based. Not content with his will to help people via the acupuncture method, Naji has this year set-up the charity Stand Easy for the treatment of soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Having been brought up in Beirut, Lebanon during the war, Naji is very familiar with stress and has experienced trauma firsthand. Naji is now combining his wealth of experience and acupuncture knowledge to create this very worthwhile charity. Having stopped working in London some 2 1/2 years ago, Naji now dedicates his daily appointments to treating clients at the Elements Holistic Health Centre.

Acupuncture vs Ailments

Many clients will possess a particular type of ailment; but on the whole most people are just generally and totally exhausted; not just because they are stressed, but because they are not communicating effectively. They have become unable to express their feelings, this may be due to either their upbringing or a past trauma they suffered. This unfortunately leads to dependancy upon drugs and alcohol which give false foundations for expression.

Acupuncture vs Gender

Do men shout out about having acupuncture or is it a more female orientated therapy? Naji tells us that acupuncture embraces a completely mixed gender of clientele – from aristocracy to the average person on the street. On the whole, however, perhaps more women would approach acupuncture as a therapy, as women are known for being more open and receptive. As Naji continues:

A woman’s energy is in her blood; as a woman’s nature is more nurturing and creative – the YIN, a deeper energy. A man’s energy is more external; by nature the survival instinct and protector – the YANG.

The Session

Each new client has an integral process to go through before they may find themselves laying on the acupuncturist’s couch. It all begins with a 15 minutes initial consultation whereby the client may inquire about acupuncture treatment and a particular ailment. Then follows a longer consultation appointment, whereby the practioner will discuss the client’s case history and examinations will be carried out. It is not until the third appointment that the client lays down on the couch with a session lasting up to 45 minutes. During this session the work from the previous two sessions come into fruition and the acupuncture journey has set sail.

Acupuncture sessions as a rule commence on a weekly basis, then fortnightly, then monthly and finally every three months to keep regular checkups on the body, the person, the whole. Naji’s motto:

Life is not measured by the number of years we live, but by the quality of what we have inside; since that allows us to be present, focused and connected to who we are – that is what health is – not the absence of disease but all these qualities.

To be honest, I am totally freaked out by needles, but the need for me-time has definitely arisen and I am about to set sail on my acupuncture journey and find out where it leads me.

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