About Us

What we do

The FG Magazine delivers unique insights into emerging talents and established brands from across the globe, looking past today’s headline trends to the creative roots of taste, fashion and lifestyle.

Who we are

The FG Magazine is a digital publication where perception and appreciation meet inspiration, knowledge, sophistication, dedication and the desire to go beyond what is ‘à la mode’. It is a platform where design is self-expression, style is an attitude and talent is a personal passion.

At the FG Magazine we value:

  • Creativity: as the process of developing original ideas that add value. We embrace this value in our talented community of artists who use us as a platform to showcase their work and share insightful stories.
  • Fashion: that goes beyond the colourful sketches, the pristine cuts, refining touches and details. Fashion means innovation, research and experimentation. Fashion celebrates the gift of human imagination and spans many cultures and customs. Fashion is when natural talent meets personal passion.
  • Inspiration: as the seed from which creativity blooms. Inspiration may be found from anywhere, from the bottom of your coffee cup to the top of a mountain, it must be captured and preserved.
  • Diversity: through our varied and dynamic authorship that allows us to explore a world of possibilities beyond our comfort zones from new and unique perspectives.

Why we do it

The desire of The FG Magazine is to bring to our ten thousand and increasing readers captivating news, reviews and interviews from an ever-changing creative world. We strive to give a voice to fascinating stories not covered by mainstream magazines and by articulating our views of life from unconventional angles, we offer our readers truly unique insights from across the globe.

We are extremely passionate about every story we cover and strongly believe in ‘smart writing’ where we can educate our readers and not just update them. Our hope is that by doing this, we will spark the intrigue of our readers who will develop a genuine interest in our articles.