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70s Fashion Exhibition – The Seventies, Whatever You Like

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Dominique Hambye and Cristina Marchi are the organisers of the delightful exhibition The Seventies, whatever you like currently on display at the Museum of Costume and Lace in Brussels until 2nd March 2014 featuring the elegance, the hippie touch, the disco fever, the punk attitude, the new workingwoman, the glitter and the gold-coloured dresses of the ’70s.

Clothes and accessories from different sources have been gathered in this little museum in Brussels, next to the famous Maneken Pis. Madame Kuhn is one of the famous ladies who gift her clothes to the exhibition. Additionally, it includes replicas of well-known designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gautlier. This space also features loans from other museums to represent the seventies spirit in perfect harmony.

Among the few original pieces shown to the public include designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Sonia Rykiel who marvellously represent this period. The incredible selection of garments recognisable by their bright colours, floral prints and gold sequins donate to this space a fresh breath of the seventies.

70s Fashion Exhibition - The Seventies, Whatever You Like

70s Fashion Exhibition – The Seventies, Whatever You Like

Apart from designing the scenography of  “The Seventies, whatever you like”, Dominique Hambye and Cristina Marchi have planned a printed magazine for the exhibition including historic content, cute designs and very ’70s graphics offering to the visitors holistic explanations of this period, its iconic figures and the designers who characterised this decade of revolutionary designs.

Members from the Museum of Costume and Lace believe in the necessity to provide an explanation to better understand the importance of fashion in our lives, how designers helped women in their own emancipation, how revolutionary ideas where linked to clothes and styles and how people decided to express themselves through what they were wearing.

In this magazine, you can find a complete bibliography as well as full explanations of  each single garment and accessory on display at the exhibition including the origins, a meticulous description and its correspondent designer.

The organisers of the exhibition could not leave aside a key aspect in the development of fashion in the ’70s, the music! While walking through the aisles displaying some great hippie designs, you feel that you have been taken back in time to attend the Woodstock Festival in the USA. Other rooms are indulged of Disco music with revolutionary tunes playing loudly while the visitor imagines Olivia Newton John dancing in Grease. We cannot forget the punk movement, where Sex Pistols and Patty Smith influenced the youngsters and the society of that time.

Thoughtfully, the organizers composed of a complete music list to play during the exhibition. With this ambience displaying great designs and accessories, the magazine and the music, you as a visitor, will get to feel and be embraced by the freedom of the seventies —  when the revolution was just at the corner! Don’t miss out the opportunity to go back in time and discover a decade you were not part of and for those who were lucky enough to live it first hand, re-discover the decade you once took part of!

70s Fashion Exhibition - The Seventies, Whatever You Like

70s Fashion Exhibition – The Seventies, Whatever You Like

Courtesy of: Dominique Hambye & Cristina MarchiMuseum of Costume and Lace Brussels  |  Photography and Video by: Cristina Cuenca  |  Edited by: Elizabeth Deheza
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