27 jewelry
Recycled precious metals are the cornerstone for the luxury handmade pieces at 27Jewelry from Prague by Lenka Svachova.
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The Gold Collection - Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry
The Gold Collection – Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Jewellery designer Lenka Svachova, based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, recently launched 27Jewelry (named after her lucky number). An E-tailer carrying collections of exquisite fine jewellery with unique designs and top of the line craftsmanship, 27Jewelry is comparable to many luxury brands sold at major department stores. However, what sets the 27Jewelry line apart from those other brands is that the designer is also the artisan. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted from glass and precious metals by Svachova herself! The precious metals, for the most part, are recycled. The 27Jewelry brand, even in a small way, contributes to reduce the demand on the environment for excessive mining of metals. Her vision for the brand is focused on the raw materials, creativity and art of the designs.

 27Jewelry Founder/Jewelry Designer Lenka Svachova Photo Courtesy of Lenka Svachova
27Jewelry Founder/Jewelry Designer Lenka Svachova Photo Courtesy of Lenka Svachova

The Creative Artisan

Svachova has an impressive family lineage of Prague goldsmiths that dates back to the 1600’s. Legend has it that one of her great forebears was one of the 7 “key holders” who held the keys to the Czech Crown Jewels! It must be in the genes because when asked how she became interested in jewellery making, her answer sure didn’t surprise us:

I have always loved working with raw materials like glass and precious metals. It has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I started learning Glassworks on my own. And with hard work, I am now a certified goldsmith and have a Master’s in Pedagogy. I decided to go back to school for this major to learn about old techniques, and how it could be incorporated with modern styles.

The rising artisan who built her brand from the ground up, is on her way to becoming one of Prague’s top emerging jewellery designers! She often participates in events in Prague such as the Fashion and Design Festival in the Czech Republic. This is an online festival, which aims to promote top-quality Czech designs to a broader audience to help cultivate good taste. Her jewellery collections will also be featured in the upcoming Prague Unique Fashion Week coming in Autumn.

 The Glass and Silver Collection - Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry

The Glass and Silver Collection – Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry

The Inspiration

Svachova’s designs resonate with women of all ages from students, young professionals to entrepreneurs. She goes on to say she enjoys personally meeting women who connect with her jewellery. She’s frequently told by her clients how much they admire her design aesthetics of exceptionally handcrafted jewellery, without the anonymous industrial process. Her unique craft and artistry gives the 27Jewelry an added personal touch. “I design my jewellery spontaneously, and according to my feelings,” explains Svachova about her inspiration for her work. “I fell in love with the perfect shape of a sphere and use it in my Glass line over and over again in different ways, and it still excites me! I would say the same about my Gold line. The main focus however, is on the delicate sculpted flower, which I love combining into new compositions,” she continues.

Playing with these elements and materials inspires my creativity. I need to feel the movement of the materials I work with. This is also why I don’t want to just create classic gold and silver rings. It is just too plain and ‘boring’ for me.

We are now smitten with the 27Jewelry collections, which are making a huge hit in Prague for being wildly beautiful and uniquely handcrafted, with every piece as an original one-of-a-kind luxury jewellery. That’s a level of coolness you can’t get from most other brands! Luxury as we see today, is more than just paying top dollars for branding. It’s about authenticity and integrity of the designer; creativity, craftsmanship and passion for the trade. A brand that has a story that people can relate to. She proves to us that passion, together with hard work, can be turned into a profession.

The Gold Collection - Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry
The Gold Collection – Photo Courtesy of 27Jewelry

27Jewelry is the pinnacle of modern luxury. If you’re looking for a rare and timeless piece of jewellery to complete any wardrobe look, Svachova’s line is the one. The Glass & Silver and Gold collections include earrings, rings bracelets and necklaces. A pair of earrings and ring from the Glass & Silver collection can primp up any ordinary ensemble. While the necklace from the Gold collection, with its delicate sculpted flower, can tone-down a glamorous gown for an understated elegance that never goes out of style! You can now officially shop the 27Jewelry line by clicking onto www.27jewelry.com/shop.

Courtesy of: Lenka Svachova | Website: www.27jewelry.com