Russian Entrepreneur and “Made in Italy”


MILAN, Italy — It may seem odd that behind a cosy, Made in Italy, emerging hat brand there is a Russian entrepreneur. And yet her extensive knowledge with over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, and her city of adoption (Milan) explain why Svetlana Taccori is succeeding in her business venture.

Taccori is the brainchild behind the coziest, colourful and “softer” brand that the fashion scene has recently seen. Her company Tak.Ori Made in Italy mainly produces hat lines, complemented by scarves, hand muffs and sweaters of the finest quality materials such as cashmere, extra virgin wool and mohair.

We recently had the chance to speak to Taccori to better understand her business and her markets.


Svetlana Taccori, founder and creative director of Tak.Ori Made in Italy, models “Face” sweater matched with the houndstooth monochrome skirt from her latest collection.

Svetlana, you have a very strong background in fashion. What has made you specialise in accessories i.e. mainly hats?

Hats are a fun and useful accessory you can easily play with. In recent years, they have gained importance in a woman’s outfit and can speak a lot about the personality of the wearer.

Looking at different approaches, how are the Russian and Italian markets reacting to your colourful Tak.Ori collections?

For sure every market is affected by its own lifestyle and traditions. Despite fashion and trends the markets behave in a universal way, the purchase decision is up to the final customer (and the values of her own country). I realised this since the beginning of my career when I was the Sales Manager for a well known fashion house: some items were popular in orders by clients from the same country and not from others i.e. German buyers were fond of jackets and monochrome colours, whereas Russian ones were fascinated by more feminine pieces of clothing like camisoles and were after colours.


A cosy, floral patterned hat from Tak.Ori AW14 collection

How much is it beneficial for you and your brand Tak.Ori to be based in Milan, a world famous destination for fashion?

So much! I have personal relationships with local key buyers and the press, which is very important for emerging brands in particular. Besides that, it is also easier to come across to other countries’ key fashion people who have heard of your brand by word of mouth and have come to visit the showroom. Generally speaking, being on the spot increases the brand’s visibility saving money and efforts making it part of the fashion week, even without a scheduled show.

Speaking about fashion weeks, do you think these major events can help host cities become more liveable?

Absolutely. Like any kind of cultural and artistic event, fashion weeks create a fruitful context for exchange of ideas, meeting of people with common professional interests, creating synergies. If they are correctly promoted they reach the final customers attracting and involving them. And when the customers arrive, the money comes along…

What do you do to reach a wider audience considering how fashion is evolving?

Internet and its immediacy have affected also the fashion world making it more accessible to the audience. Now the shows are watchable live in streaming, people can experience the event and comment on it right after. The fashion editors reviewing the shows the following day have the insider’s view but are part of the discussion, no longer the leaders. As part of this speed-up process, bloggers and it-girls that share virally their point of view play an important role also in terms of promotion.

Thank you for your time Svetlana, your insights on the industry have been great and we wish you all the best for Tak.Ori!

Courtesy of: Svetlana Taccori, TAK.ORI MADE IN ITALY | Photography by: TAK.ORI MADE IN ITALY | Website:
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