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Muuse - Ece Gozen

Muuse – Ece Gozen

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — While browsing the web in search of some real fashion inspiration, I came across MUUSE, an international fashion label that produces collections with some of the best design talents from around the world.

Based in Copenhagen, MUUSE collaborates with respected scouts and tastemakers in fashion capitals from Tokyo to London, to select a small number of international talents. These talented designers are favourites of tastemakers and trend setters from Susie Bubble to Lady Gaga. In collaboration with the designers, MUUSE develops and produces two collections a year.

In an exclusive interview for the FG Magazine, Gitte Jonsdatter, co-founder of MUUSE gives us more insights on this innovative and inspirational project.

Muuse - Sasha Nassar

Muuse – Sasha Nassar

Your project can make the difference in the industry. What is the inspiration behind it?

The mission of MUUSE is to put a stream of great designers on the market, and hopefully set the starting point for the successful launch of their labels. With MUUSE we want to create a space for new talents, where designers can focus on creativity while we take the responsibility for the rest of the work handling production, sales, PR and marketing for them. In summary, the designers get a chance to produce and sell their collections, as the clothes are labelled with the designer’s name in collaboration with MUUSE.

How does the recruitment process develop?

We work with partners like Vogue, Elle and Graduate Fashion Week to find the talents that the fashion community would most like to see produced. We try not to select just based on our own opinions or gut reaction to a designer. Instead, we look to the international community of fashion reviewers to see what is striking a chord with them. MUUSE would like the set of designers to be a reflection of the demands of the fashion community because in the end, they will be the ones who promote, buy and wear the collections. In terms of selecting the designers, it is critical for us that they have a personal signature style – something that is recognisable and makes them unique.

Are the Awards an important tool to spot talents?

They are indeed. We have jointly established with Vogue the MUUSE x VOGUE Talents Young Vision Award, a bi-annual competition with over 400 participating designers which serves as a great platform for scouting designers globally. We have also just launched The New Nordic Talent of the Year, our design prize in collaboration with ELLE Style Awards. Additional opportunities for us to spot talents are attending the most important fashion weeks, taking part in juries of contests and graduation shows, and of course keeping an eye on the major fashion competitions such as Hyeres, Andam and CDFA.

What lies behind MUUSE latest capsule collections?

The designers we team up with are visionary and creative and their own show pieces typically include rare and expensive materials. It is MUUSE team’s task to work with each designer to find a way to interpret the vision into pieces that are both commercial and wearable. Our team includes experts in materials and techniques who can help translate couture into interesting ready-to-wear pieces.

Muuse - Jantine Van Peski

Muuse – Jantine Van Peski

Which are the hot names for the next season?

This forthcoming season we have collections by Sara Lundberg, Sasha Nassar, Wali Mohammed Barrech, Ece Gozen, Eun-Jung Lee and Jantine van Paski. They are all very talented and perfectly represent the MUUSE concept!

It is important that emerging talents are nurtured and supported by unique concepts such as MUUSE, to maintain the ever changing fashion scene and keep the industry accessible to independent designers. Good luck to MUUSE’s talented designers, we hope to hear more and more about MUUSE and the designers’ own labels in the future.

If you are an emerging talent and you are looking for a unique support for your bespoke designs, perhaps MUUSE is the perfect partner for you!

Courtesy of: Gitte Jonsdatter and Natasha Skou , MUUSE | Photography by: Katarina Dahlstrom | Website:
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