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Mon Passage Clothes

Deluxe leather clutch, Lavic Bellagio by Labolsina

MILAN, Italy — Glenda and Denise are two highly-creative sisters and co-founders of MonPassage, a new online boutique specialising in vintage items and contemporary independent fashion design with the objective of promoting the best of Made in Italy mixed with their other loves from all over the world.

A Dynamic Duet

Glenda and Denise come from different backgrounds: Glenda has been an actress and performer while Denise worked as an illustrator and photographer: “It all started with a passion and continued with the desire to turn it into a business idea.” In June 2011, they decided to live under one roof again.

Mon Passage Clothes

Glenda and Denise Sampietro, co-founders of

On the occasion of the move we decided to sell some of our wardrobe’s pieces…since the early years of University and the School of Art, we collected old clothes and thanks to our spirit of timeless archivists, we discovered hiddem treasures with which we designed some micro-thematic collections.

And so, they decided to create an itinerante vintage shop that brings them to cross [art] exhibitions and van events combining business with pleasure. Soon after came their presence on the web: “We started from the Etsy [American] platform and with our first small online shop we got new clients from the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, Norway and France.” Then, thanks to funding for startups allocated by the Italian region of Lombardy, they founded MonPassage broadening their research to emerging fashion designers: “A dream that came true!,” they smile. MonPassage grew up fast, flirting with tradition and maintaining the art of a careful selection.

The Designers

Their research is aimed at both Italian emerging designers and foreign ones. Talking of their selection’s criteria, Glenda emphasaises how much they love emerging designers that apply a sharp look at the traditions of tailoring:

“About Italian brands, there are a lot of positive examples: luxury Labolsina bags by Margherita Vaghi, Individuals creations by Carlo Galli who makes each piece by free hand cutting of fabrics, Contessa Rosafosca’s fabulous jewellery created by the traditional Murano glass-blowing technique.”

“Regarding foreign designers, we love some of the young graduates of the best London fashion schools that we have been admiring during the London Graduate Fashion Week, besides some emerging German brands’ giving attention to Ethical Fashion, especially those from Berlin,” Glenda continues.

In general, they would like to offer a limited edition catalog of [not homologated] pieces to their customers, without any reference to status symbols and form of affiliation. “We meet our designers at fairs and exhibitions. They use only the highest quality materials [often recycled ones] taking advantage of local handcraft workshop’s collaboration: all our products are Made in Italy,” Denise explains.

Mon Passage Clothes

Balloon print silk blouse and oversized silk one by Paglia Milano

Regarding how young designers of today can influence tomorrow’s fashion, Denise adds: “It seems to me there are two different trends today; on one hand, a detailed research about forms with proposal to the limit of conceptual while on the other hand, we find [usable] well-finished prêt-à-porter. High fashion brands will always be a source of inspiration, but there is a strong trend towards the establishment of independent brands dictated by the need to have an unlimited freedom of expression.”

Glenda also emphasises how the ability to listen will be essential in the fashion of tomorrow: “In times of economic downturn such as the current one: designers that can listen will be able to communicate by empathy with their partners and [potential] customers, the more they will influence today’s fashion the more they will influence tomorrow’s. In our opinion, young designers should be aware of materials used and their impact on the final result. It is time to put aside their individualism giving more attention to the real addressee [not the ideal one].”

Bellagio & Co

Glenda and Denise would like to promote the best of Made in Italy. “There are many examples of Italian excellence like that of Benedetta Bruzziches and Flavia La Rocca, not only designers but also successful business women. Another great [Italian] reality is Eva Flair: she was able to take advantage of Italian Embassies throughout the world like distribution, promotion and meeting places between investors and customers,” highlights Glenda.

“Since 2009, a product could be qualified as Made in Italy even though the manufacture was not Italian, now fortunately only the products made entirely in Italy are qualified as such. There is a lot of curiosity about product’s manufacturing process: Google created an interesting platform, where the best [Italian] craftsmanship excellence tells their story: we need to spy on behind the scenes,” Denise comments.

They have also created, inside MonPassage, a form of dialogue among the two brands Lanapo and Labolsina, uniting them into a capsule collection dedicated to Bellagio, an excellent Italian tourist place: “The entire collection is available at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbellani of Bellagio, where customers can buy it immediately or choose to have it delivered to their homes. This is a great way to put young [Italian] designers in contact with their potential clients.”


The vintage style is like a big creativity source from which you can glean a personal style. For Glenda, her love for vintage was determined by her mum’s style: “Carnaby Street Style mini dresses and fashion jewelry mixed with the Bourgeois Haute Couture Style [closet].” “I love the 1960’s, especially the Swinging London ones. Needless to say, how much I loved the 2010/2011 Prada A/W collection.” For MonPassage, Glenda chooses colourful mini dresses, optical prints, patent leather loafers, Knee high boots, big jewellery, egg-shapes, tailored coats, square heel shoes and leather shoulder bags.

Mon Passage Clothes

Silk lace Victorian blouse by Eileen West, silk see-through skirt by Paglia Milano, braces by Diana Fruscio

Vintage is always fashionable with its infinite variety of fashion styles: cyclically [every six months] we attempt to return to an iconic piece. “This return to the past is not just about fashion considering that there is a boom in swing [dance] classes, rock’n’roll and jitterbug ones, bicycles in the city, original 1950’s American retro candy and old school tattoos,” says Denise. She favours trapeze dresses that show off long skinny legs, 50’s dresses for curvy girls, threadbare t-shirts for those who love the tomboy style, circle skirts and blazer jackets for all as well as leather and unsigned leather bags to wear [day to night] as the Parisienne do.

Future Plans

This duet would like to enlarge their partnerships network with Italian luxury hotel structures for the 2015 summer season and organise some offline events to put the designers they work with in direct contact with both existing and potential customers: “Making new investments by different tools and accelerators like and Noosalab.” They will certainly expand their Contemporary Catalog contacting [new] designers.

Mon Passage Clothes

Vintage floral maxi dress, Vintage by MonPassage | Interpreted by Cécile de Gatti of L’Armadio del Delitto

Courtesy of: Ilaria Petrosillo, MonPassage PR and Press Office | Photography by: Valeria De Cicco, Studio Oleandro | Website:
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