Pull off an Edgy Look at the Office

Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection – Versatile

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — The edgy-office look is having a major fashion moment, so this month we are delighted to close our November issue by helping you find the right designs to confidently pull off that trend. At the moment, we are infatuated with San Francisco-based designer Lia Larrea, and her recent 2015 womenswear collection, with bold aesthetics and clean lines. The stunning designer grew up in Quito, Ecuador, so her collection is greatly influenced by her background, culture and lifestyle. To give off the look of modern edge, Lia incorporates minimalism, versatility and functionality combined with professionalism much needed in any office wardrobe. The collection includes skirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, dresses and clutches in different colours to stand out at any event. It gives you drama without being too dramatic, edge without being too edgy and professionalism without looking too professional.

Lia aims to build a fashion brand for the modern woman that tells a timeless story through her art.

Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea


Minimalism works well at the office because it is simplistic in colour, with minimal patterns, embellishments and complex designs; but still gives you the element of style necessary to elevate your usual basic wardrobe. With the right designs, minimalism adds a touch of modernity.

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection - Minimalism

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection – Minimalism

Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection – Minimalism


Functionality in your daily office wardrobe is extremely important. Yet, with some labels, having style meant you also had to skim on comfort, but fortunately, with the Lia Larrea collection, you could have both. Her designs not only give you the edgy-sophisticated look, but their are also functional. The fabrics proposed by Lia are extremely wearable, giving you effortless ease all day at work – especially necessary for those busy executives rushing from one meeting to the next who need functionality just as much as style. Comfort just got chic.

Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection – Functional Matching Jacket and Pant


Oftentimes, we search our closets to find outfits that seamlessly allow the transition from day to evening without the hassle of having to change into something different. The secret is to find versatile statement pieces that fit the hectic schedules of someone who is going straight from work to a business dinner. In this case, versatility is having pieces that could be worn or carried in numerous ways, and then be transformed for evening wear and beyond.

Lia Larrea

Lia Larrea 2015 Collection – Versatile Skirt Transitioned into Cape

We hope you like these daring looks from the Lia Larrea 2015 collection, as much as we do. You cannot go wrong with one of these edgier silhouettes to up your fashion game at the office. As a special token to our FG readers, we have created a special online coupon! Use the promo code: SS15BLG40 and redeem $40 off on any order. The offer is valid until 31st December, 2014. So hurry up and catch this fantastic deal before the sale ends!

Courtesy of: Lia Larrea | Website: www.lialarrea.com
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  1. Vanessa Curiel :

    This looks exactly what I have been looking for! I will definitely be purchasing some clothes this Christmas !

  2. Elizabeth Deheza Elizabeth Deheza :

    Dear Vanessa, many thanks for following us. We re very happy to hear that you like Lia Larrea’s designs and will make good use of our special promo code! Stayed tuned during December as more promo codes and discounts will be offered to our FG readers!