6 Non-Toxic, Plastic-Free Baby and Toddler Toys to Buy this Season

Are you looking for products you can trust this Christmas? These days mums and dads are in constant search of natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly toys that have some sort of educational value for their little ones. So, if you’re looking for something that is safe, plastic-free and will stimulate your child’s imagination, check out some of these toys we found especially for you!


Fashion Division Paris Fashion Show RTW Spring/Summer 2019

Between hors d’oeuvre with French wine and French cuisine, we had the privilege to cover and photograph Fashion Division’s RTW Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at their Paris Fashion Show this year. Discover what makes these creative fashion minds tick!


Take Your Peruvian Virgin Hair To The Next Level

Have you heard of the ever-so-popular Peruvian virgin hair? Whether you already own a set of hair extensions or would like to buy your very first pair of those luscious locks of Peruvian virgin hair, we give you a few ideas you can’t miss this summer.

Accessories & Luxury goods

Turning Battle Scars into Beautiful Jewellery

The adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could be a cornerstone of the sustainable fashion movement. And these artisans transform recycled materials into beautiful jewellery just as the adage!

Eco Fashion

Great Eco-Friendly Gifts for Any Budget

Are you the eco-conscious type who’s currently thinking about ways to give that special someone a gift without compromising your morals to do so? Read on to learn about eight great eco-friendly gifts for any budget for family, friends and even picky kids!


Gwenelda: Mobile beauty at your fingertips

Have you heard of Gwenelda? If not, it’s time to download their App and book an appointment with a beautician, who will introduce you to the wonderful world of mobile beauty, the new big thing in London!

The Arts

Laure Saffroy-Lepesqueur: “Faiseuse d’images”

We walk you through an initial passive admiration of works of art to the artistic process of image creation with the wonderful Laure Saffroy-Lepesqueur, a young French artist whose works on paper are both colourful and inspired. She creates a very unique and bright universe with her “Contemporary icons”, a series of paintings that convey poetic messages which reflect very personal states of mind.

La Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine: Taste the Rainbow

Who said Chinese cuisine couldn’t stimulate your senses and imagination? Green, orange, yellow, red, beige and even black dumplings and colourful soymilk drinks are colouring the palates of Chinese food lovers.

Music & Theatre

The Adventures of Alice

While the demand of quality performing opportunities for children continues to rise, Primrose Hill Ballet Schools in London seem to be ahead of the curve showcasing their recent production ‘The Adventures of Alice’, a gracious, eye-popping performance of this much loved fairytale!